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Auto Body Repair for Commuters and Classics Alike

Auto Body Repair Milton WA
At Automotive Images, our mission is to be Milton, Washington’s first choice for auto body repair.

As an independent auto body shop, we’re able to offer personalized service not dictated by insurance companies.

Whether you’ve been in an accident, your car was involved in a hit-and-run, your suspension is worn or damaged, or you just purchased a used vehicle that needs some touch-ups, give us a call.


Why we’re not just another collision shop

Automotive Images has 25 years of experience in the automotive business with countless repeat customers. The talented mechanics at our auto body shop use high-quality parts and efficient methods to get work completed on time.

We always call our customers with updates on the progress of repairs and ensure that they are part of the decision-making process before moving forward.

If your vehicle is not drivable, we work with a reliable towing service that we will dispatch quickly to your location and have your vehicle towed to our shop.

For auto accidents, we work with your insurance company while making sure coverage matches the actual cost of labor and parts.


The purpose of collision repair is to make your vehicle look and drive better. Not to mention safely. We take pride in our work and never make the drivers who choose us feel “squeezed in”.



Fender-Benders and High-Speed Collisions: We’ve Seen it All

There’s a sense of pride in keeping our cars free of scratches, dings, and dents. Flawless paint and panels are not only satisfying, but it also sends a clear message that the driver cares about this car.

And we know there’s a difference between dignified signs of age like faded paint and even a few speckles of rust. But there’s a world of difference between patina and a bumper precariously flapping in the wind as a car speeds down the highway.

Our team expertly brings vehicles back to their original or pre-accident condition with high-quality collision repairs. Whether you’re preparing to sell or for safety on the road, we ensure seamless results.


Services we provide:

Stress-Free Bodywork
  • Structural Work
  • Dent Repair
  • Panel Replacement
  • OEM Parts for Collision Repair Work
  • Paint
Down Draft Spray Booth and Paint Baking Abilities
We use a controlled-temperature spray environment to ensure precise auto paint work.
Expert Suspension and Frame Repair
We diagnose and repair suspension and frame components including:

  • Ball Joints
  • Control Arms
  • Shocks
  • Springs
  • Stabilizer Bars
  • Wheel Axles
Towing Service
If your car is undrivable, call us and we’ll have it towed affordably.
Dent and Scratch Removal
Depending on the size of the dent, we may be able to repair it without having to repaint. Otherwise, we repair the damage and use color matching techniques to repaint the area so it looks new again.
Glass Replacement
Avoid driving with a broken windshield. We’ll replace any damaged panels as needed.


Restore your vehicle’s strength, stability, and efficiency

Automotive Images offers dedicated service and high-end craftsmanship for jobs big and small. From dent repair to frame realignment, our auto body mechanics bring knowledge and precision to every job.

We also deliver expert auto body repair for:

  • Vintage/Classic Vehicles
  • Trucks, Vans, SUVs
  • Performance Cars

Our genuine love of car culture drives us to do our best work every day.


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Good customer service

wasn’t sure if my car was worth fixing given the damage. Brandon and his team helped me make the right call and my car is fixed up and looking like it’s old self.

Donald S.

Average Rating

5 out of 5 stars

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