We are automotive enthusiasts with over 25 years of experience 

Not just another “collision shop”

It was nice to find a shop that actually cares and still knows what customer service means. ~ Barney S.
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Absolutely the best place to have body work done on your car. Hands down the best service around. ~ TJ F.

Auto Body Shop Federal Way

Automotive Images

We Work With Your Insurance Company for:

  • Collision Repair
  • Suspension & Frame Repair
  • Glass Replacement
  • Panel Replacement
  • And More

    Your Local Auto Body Shop
    For over 25 years, Automotive Images has been restoring and repairing cars for Federal Way drivers.

    Our technicians bring dedication and passion to every project.

    As a local, independent auto body shop, we have the freedom to perform collision repair without restrictions imposed by insurance company’s¬†direct repair program guidelines.

    Our goal is to deliver quality every time so when you need a trustworthy source for body work, you won’t have to think twice.

    Our decades of involvement in motorsports and classic car restoration give us a unique advantage and much more broad perspective when it comes to high-standard collision repair.

    We’ve seen it all. And our experience and love of car culture has also instilled a passion for restoring and preserving automobiles for their own sake.

    To us, it’s not just a job. We care about vehicles and the people who drive them.

    Our Services

    Let Us Help With Your Auto Insurance Claim

    Body shops contracted by insurance companies are sometimes restricted by the time, parts usage, and cost established by the policy. And the risk that drivers end up with mediocre workmanship is high because mechanics are under pressure to fit work into a prohibitive time and cost space.

    Because we work for our customers, not insurance companies, we discuss the best options with you before going forward with ordering parts and performing repairs.

    We don’t default to the quickest and cheapest route like the shop suggested by your insurance company. We offer our professional insight and let you decide whether to use OEM or remanufactured¬†replacement parts that are right for your vehicle.

    We provide free estimates, towing, and professional service with a local feel.

    Your Local Auto Body Repair Shop
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