Full Service Auto Body

The Choice is Yours When it Comes to an Expert Collision Repair Shop.

After an accident, Federal way drivers have a choice to make. Which auto body shop can restore my car back to, or better than its previous condition? And while all shops offer similar services, not all will make you feel taken care of. The choice is entirely yours when choosing an auto body repair shop – not your insurance company’s. Full Service Auto Body Federal Way

To us, it’s not just a job. We care about vehicles and the people who drive them. As a local, independent auto body shop, we have the freedom to perform collision repair without restrictions imposed by insurance company’s direct repair program guidelines.

We represent you and your vehicle, not your insurance company

Since body damage often goes hand-in-hand with insurance claims, we help you:

  • Understand the claims process
  • Evaluate the damage quickly
  • Ensure that accurate information is submitted to your provider.

An automobile accident is a stressful experience. That’s why we help by negotiating your claim for you. Our team has the knowledge and tools to restore any vehicle back to its pre-accident condition or better, guaranteed. And we work with your appraiser to ensure that you’re being covered for what your vehicle needs. Whenever possible, we use OEM parts. And if these are not covered by your insurance, we’ll always talk to you first about the next-best options.

We work with your auto insurance provider, not for them

Many car insurance companies have shops they contract with – who prioritize low labor and material costs over quality work. But a shop that you didn’t choose yourself can leave you feeling rushed and uncertain about the craftsmanship.

At Automotive Images, we prioritize the customer, not the insurance company. With us, you don’t have to worry about shortcuts being taken during the repair process. Our allegiance is to the owner of the car and the work is guaranteed no matter who pays the bill.

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