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Auto Body Specialists in Federal Way, Washington
Drivers who need suspension, collision work in Federal Way trust Automotive Images. With 30 years in the business and a laundry list of loyal customers, our auto body shop knows how to do it right.

Customer service isn’t an afterthought. We never make customers feel “squeezed in” or rushed. We listen to your situation and offer our professional opinion with a heavy dose of patience. Our customers are well taken care of, and so are their vehicles. 

Since body damage often goes hand-in-hand with insurance claims, we help you understand the claims process, evaluate the damage quickly, and ensure that accurate information is submitted to your provider.

Your full-service auto body shop

Tacoma is a busy area, and accidents happen. Our shop offers full-service damage repair starting from towing your vehicle to our shop and ending with calling you after the work has been completed. To ensure your complete satisfaction, we work with your insurance company and contact you with updates while the work is being done.

Automotive Images provides detailed auto body service for all classic, contemporary, and performance vehicles. 

The team at Automotive Images knows how important it is to repair body damage to pre-accident condition. Not just for resale value, but for performance and safety on the road. No matter the make or model, we work with you to ensure seamless repairs.

  • Collision Repair
  • Suspension and Frame Repair
  • Panel Replacement

Expert Suspension and Frame Repair

In an accident, sometimes the frame of the car receives part of the impact. And only a certified auto body shop can pull, realign and straighten the frame or suspension so that’s is safe to drive again.

Automotive Images restores your vehicle’s strength, efficiency, and stability by precisely realigning its framework.

Getting this work done at your local body shop saves drivers money. Why? With our many years of experience, we have numerous parts and procedure options and sources. Automotive Images is not pressured to cut corners or meet tight insurance company standards. We do quality work because we love our jobs and want customers to leave our shop knowing they have a partner for all their auto body needs.

Poor suspension alignment may not be immediately apparent but will cause irregular tire wear and handling issues over time.

We diagnose and repair suspension and frame components including:

  • Control Arms
  • Ball Joints
  • Springs
  • Shocks
  • Wheel Axles
  • Stabilizer Bars

Federal Way WA Auto Body

Hassle-Free Collision Repair

Being in an accident is stressful no matter how you look at it. But having a local, reliable, trustworthy auto body repair shop on your side eliminates the extra step of calling around. And it eliminates the unknowns of relying on shops recommended by auto insurance companies.

If your car needs structural work, dent repair, panel replacement, paint, or other body work, count on us for a better experience. Automotive Images has your local collision repair experts!

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Great Job!

Fixed my car up right after an accident. Worked with my insurance and everything. A totally easy experience. Thanks guys.

C. Charles

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5 out of 5 stars

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